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JC's writing credits on Scene 23's new album


JC Chasez has several writing credits on Scene 23's new ablum, Popstars Vol.2, that came out December 11. Most people probably know Scene 23 as the newest group formed by the WB on Popstars 2. Here are the credits he received on the album:

He Said She Said - (the group's first single) Written by JC Chasez, Alex Greggs, Brad Daymond, and Rodney Jerkins; Vocal arrangementa by JC Chasez, Daniel O'Donoghue and Mark Sheehan.

What She Got? Written by JC Chasez, Alex Greggs, and Brad Daymond; Vocal arrangement by JC Chasez, Daniel O'Donoghue and Mark Sheehan.

Respect Me - Vocal arrangement by JC Chasez, Daniel O'Donoghue and Mark Sheehan.

Britney is 'hard-headed': Justin

source: all pop

NEW YORK (AP) - Justin Timberlake has to admit it: He's a "mama's boy.''

"We're best friends,'' the 'N Sync singer says in the January issue of YM magazine.

"I've done some stupid things, but there wasn't anything that I couldn't talk to my mom about. She told me, 'You're gonna do dumb things and you're gonna do great things. As long as you learn from them, that's all that matters.''

But Timberlake is growing up; he turns 21 on Jan. 31. And he has a list of things he'd like to do before then, including getting his girlfriend, Britney Spears, to say the words "I'm sorry'' first.

"She is one of the most hard-headed people I know ... in a good way,'' he said. ``It's funny how when you're with someone the things that you find attractive are also the things that drive you up the wall.''

*NSYNC bobbleheads top unusual holiday gift list

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*NSYNC Bobbleheads: Sadly, things could get ugly -- Cabbage Patch-style -- with adults fighting over these at your local Best Buy store. Bobbleheads have become something of a collector's sensation over the past year and, combined with delirious *NSYNC fans, could spell a recipe for violence even Afghanis haven't yet seen. With a minimum purchase of $25, these limited-edition caricature-like wobbly statues of Justin, JC, Joey, Lance, and Chris can be had for the bargain basement price of $9.99. A certificate of authenticity is also included. Boxing gloves sold separately.

And for the Money-Is-No-Option option, *NSYNC fans who aren't satisfied with the aforementioned Bobbleheads can go all-out with Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piquet's limited-edition 'NSync watches. Fifty men's and 150 women's watches are in production -- they feature engraved signatures of *NSYNC's five members. The cost? $8500 for the men's and $5,900 for the women's. Ouch. But keep in mind, the money is going to the boy band's Challenge for the Children foundation and children of victims of Sept. 11. And hey, you get tickets and sound check passes to a *NSYNC concert as well.